Ben Gardner

Studio Operations Manager & Senior Facilitator


As one of the Co-Studio Managers and a permanent Facilitator at Human.Kind Studios, my days vary from teaching classes through to processing payroll (and everything in-between).


I started with the team in early 2018, and my place in this community has grown and been shaped by the diverse humans who walk through the door each day. I play an active role in managing our team of therapists and along with my dear Co-Manager Becca, we oversee the majority of studio admin and queries.

Four years ago my view and approach to yoga would have been very different to what it is currently. I now hope to practice and teach from a place of listening first- trying to be more responsive and explorative, and less from a place of ego or certainty. We all move through our yoga practice differently, looking for varied meanings and insights, so all I can hope to do is encourage your self-inquiry and practice in a safe and supportive way.


If I had to prioritise my core values as a teacher and general human being, I would say that acknowledging my privilege, empowering students, being a mirror for growth, and creating safe spaces for all (genders, races, sexualities, religions and abilities) would be the things that rate most highly.

In the space you can expect my attention, warmth, confidentiality, fabulous outfits, fun flow based practices, and always my deep respect. 


I am a proud member of the LGBTQI+ community and acknowledge my work occurs ancient unceded Kaurna land.

Ben Gardner

“Time spent is solitude creates the space we need to let in life’s wilderness.” 
– Schoolhouse Electric