Triton Tunis-Mitchell

Pronounced Trit-ton like ‘sit’
Founder, Managing Director & Lead Facilitator

At age four my mother took me to my first circus show. Hours later she had to pull me off the Hills Hoist clothesline where I was trying to walk the tight wire. This day was the beginning of my fascination with acrobatics, adventure and climbing. And certainly not my last.


For more than 35 years I’ve been deeply involved in movement arts, communities and health. Some notable highlights include:


– Being a key creator, performer and co-founder of world-renowned acrobatics company Gravity & Other Myths. GOM is an expression of raw physicality and deep trusting connections. It leaves audiences inspired about human capacity.


– A musculoskeletal physiotherapy career spanning nearly 20 years, with the honour of working with some of the most elite performers on the globe and honing a skill for movement based solutions.


– Founder of Active Bodies Physiotherapy (now Human.Kind Therapy), an Adelaide team of physios that over 15 years have helped tens of thousands of people understand and improve their health. 


– Founder of a failed physiotherapy App. Our failures are important too.


– Completing the Optimize Coach program in its inaugural year 2018, a dive deep into the theory and practice of human flourishing. 


– Inaugural participant in Small Giants Academy’s Mastery of Business and Empathy course 2021. A course that helped community leaders connect to new ways of thinking about business, society and future economies.


– Completing yoga teacher studies with Duncan Peak, Sarah Powers.


And of course, being a founder of Human.Kind in 2016 with my lifelong partner Tessa. This studio and community has been a culmination of everything that I care about.

I support people who support people