We are committed to diversity, inclusivity, and social equity. These different options aim to create accessibility to our classes and community for everyone.

Tessa Leon Open Hands
Reverse Namaste Yoga Pose

Concession Rates

We offer reduced rates for full-time students and concession card holders. Please drop in to studio and bring your student/concession card. For Livestreamers, get in contact with the details below. As a guide, concession pricing is approx 20% lower than standard prices for both casual and membership options.

Ask us any questions:
(08) 8231 0596
Virginia Barratt

Work Exchange Membership

This membership program is an exchange of your time and energy for an unlimited membership. You contribute to the smooth running of the studios and become an integral part of the team. Work Exchange members commit to a fixed roster of 2.5 hours work per week. Tasks include cleaning and maintaining studio resources, however we are open to trading other useful skills and services.  
We require a 3 month initial commitment and you will receive full training. A big part of this program is resource management to support our aspiration of zero-waste to landfill.
Contact our Work Exchange Program Coordinators:
 Virginia Barratt (City Studio) or Becca Gross (Glenelg Studio)
Becca and Ben Namaste

Pay-What-You-Can Temporary Membership

If you are experiencing financial hardship, we know you need support. Part of our philosophy is that nothing is permanent, and that life will constantly fluctuate between periods of challenge and ease. On behalf of our full fee-paying members who enable us to make this offer, we’d like to assist you during your rough patch. These are often the most crucial moments to have a community and health practices to turn to! 
If you find yourself experiencing financial hardship, uncertainty, or other difficulties, please don’t let it be a barrier, we are here to help. You can speak privately with one of our studio managers or owners, and we will discuss a temporary financial arrangement to keep you practicing. 
Reach out:
Connie Villegas

First Nations Free Membership

Human.Kind is dedicated to taking action on a wide range of social issues. We proudly stand up for the environment, we encourage business transparency, we look to expand our sexual and gender diversity policies, and we increasingly consider ways we can contribute to racial justice and equality in our space. We want to stop talking and start making some real change in our community, our society and for our planet. 
As a colonising country we can and should do more to make amends for the abuse, theft and neglect our predecessors afflicted upon First Nations people in Australia (and in some ways continue to perpetrate). Furthermore we acknowledge that our studios profit from operating on sovereign Kaurna country that was never ceded. To that end we would like to extend free memberships to all people who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and actively look for ways we can support, learn from, and lift up the voices of Aboriginal people within our studio. 
If you wish to activate one of these free memberships, or if you are on an existing membership and need to transfer, please email us: