Apply for Ripple Effect Funding

The Ripple Effect initiative wants to see, acknowledge and support the people that are doing great things in our community. The $1500 micro-grants can be a catalyst for positive change that will ripple through the minds and hearts of Adelaide in a big way!


Does your project…

  • create an impact beyond the individual?
  • build or nurture communities?
  • have a healthy or conscious living focus?
  • have environmental well being at heart?
  • helping to shift the minds and hearts?
  • support leaders in social change in the community?

If the answer is yes,  then please apply!


Note that applications are open all month and assessed at the start of each month. If there’s been less than two applications we defer to the next month with the aim to fund two quality projects.

Thank you for your application. We cannot wait to see what game changing projects you are up to!



If wrangling the written word is not your thing - send us a link to a (max) 5 min video application! Say it on the screen, we love to get to know you! Make sure the link is not set to private.
Tell us about who you are (are you an individual, a collective?), what you’ve done (is this the beginning of something new or the next step in a path of great and wonderful things for you?) or tell us about how the project came to exist.
Tell us what it is you are applying for. What are the key activities that this flash fund will support? Who will it affect? Who will do it? Why? All the juicy details, please!
This is where you would spell out a case for the funds. This is where you give us the nitty gritty... What are you going to spend the money on? What does $1500 realistically do for your project?
Have you got any links that support the project? Point us in the direction so we can get a better idea of who you are and what you are doing.
We have an amazing network of people behind the scenes - Are you open to us playing cupid and sharing your idea with someone we think might be a great network for you?