Human.Kind X AkindaCo

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What is Counselling?

Our counsellors are mental health professionals. They are trauma-informed therapists who can support you through grief, loss, transitions, overwhelm and other challenges. You can see them for help and guidance to overcome difficulties in your life, gain new perspectives on your situation and experiences, develop strategies to manage emotional distress, and work towards your desired outcomes. 

We are partnering with AkindaCo to offer highly accessible counselling services to our community.

Who are AkindaCo?

Previously Expressive Therapy SA, AkindaCo is an SA owned, independent mental health service. They have decades of experience in providing mental health support and education internationally. They recognise the importance of accessibility to comprehensive, holistic mental health care. Alongside their other accessible initiatives, they now offer low-cost sessions at Human.Kind. 


AkindaCo offer a highly specialised approach honouring the needs of all members of a community or household, including children, adolescents and adults. Understanding that individuals are a part of important systems of connection and support, and how an individual feels inside is tightly woven with how they relate to others.

What can you expect from a session?

These sessions will be face to face with an AkindaCo Intern. These are supervised students in their final year of a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy degree. In the initial appointment together, you will explore the things you would like to see different, your goals and, of course, get to know each other.


This is a collaborative process involving ongoing supervision by a qualified Senior Psychotherapist and Family Therapist too. Dependent upon your needs, you can continue further sessions with the same person, or refer onto a senior psychotherapist, our clinical psychologist, or a different kind of therapist.


AkindaCo offer an integrative approach that includes psychotherapy and counselling, systemic family therapy, expressive therapy, play therapy, psychology, art therapy and developmental education. 


Through a collaborative session, we explore and identify what you might want to see change. We then create a flexible plan to find the right therapy for you to reach your goals.


City Studio | Kaurna Land

Level 1, 60 Halifax Street, Adelaide, South Australia

Booking information

Bookings can be made on 82312983 or right here, online now.


Consults are $60 at private billing rates.