Dan Millar

The exact moment that yoga became a part of my life is something I cannot quite recount. 
My life has always been a ‘bit of this bit of that’. Growing up in South Africa , I come from a grounded family of metal workers and draftsmen and women.
My first trade was jewellery. My love of the creative, using my hands and creating something everlasting for others seems to have lasted longer than the trade itself.
I ‘fell’ into tattooing and landed up choosing it over jewellery. At 25, I moved to the UK to join the Royal Marine Commandos, where I had a great career as a private contractor in the maritime security industry. 
Australia has been my home for the last 11 years. My wife and I moved back and I left security behind to pursue the arts once more. My love of painting, drawing, climbing, music and yoga fuels my days. 
Through most of this, yoga has permeated the entire story. Here and there, on and off. It gives me space. To move my body, to stretch my mind and find the stillness in the moments between all the chaos of life. 
When I saw that Human.Kind was running their own 200hr TT, I jumped on it as soon as I could. Having recently finished (2023 graduate), I can’t imagine my life without teaching in it now. The act of sharing something so profound and life-changing for me, with and for others, is something I struggle to put into words. 
All I can say is that I feel humbled and blessed to belong to such an amazing community. I can’t wait to step to the mat and share this journey with you all! 
Daniel Millar
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