Delve deep into the traditional teachings of the Vedic goddesses.

A hand reaches over to a white table cloth. The hand is holding a rose petal, and there is a pink rose and candles on the table.

Ritual and Goddess Worship

A four-week course from Kristin Spence.


Delve deep into the traditional teachings of the Vedic goddesses, and how they can enrich our lives with love, awe and splendour.


You’ll learn a devotional hymn from a traditional text called the Devi Mahatmya. How to sit in ritual and worship. How to invoke the creative power of the Goddess.


“From a Vedic viewpoint, devotion to the Divine Mother is considered the highest form of worship and one of the longest standing traditions from the Vedas. The Divine Mother refers to the feminine aspect of the primal creator of the universe, or the spiritual spark of all life. The Divine Mother is also associated with the Sanskrit term Shakti, which is considered to be the active force and the power of the Divine, and it is regarded as a feminine principle. Shakti and, thus, the Divine Mother, are considered to be manifest in all things.” – Kristin Spence


Learn Vedic teachings on the goddesses Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswati.

Sanksrit transliteration and pronunciation.

Mantra recitation.

Vedic ritual & worship.

Storytelling and Vedic scripture.

Date & Time
14 May – 4 June | Sundays

6:30 – 8pm


Glenelg Studio | Kaurna Land

Level 1, 118 Jetty Road, Glenelg, South Australia


(members 10% discount)

About Kristin 

Kristin is renown for her ability to apply ancient traditional practices in modern contexts and in a fully accessible way. Laid back yet passionate, grounded in compassion and free of judgement, she makes the yogic and spiritual path a joyous journey.


Kristin offers a unique blend of modern and traditional yogic practices; while fully honouring the tradition of yoga and ayurveda, she also uses modern methodologies rooted in psycho therapy to design unique and potent practices for those who are ready to transform.