Prasanna Duncan Djukanovic


Prasanna has had a strong sporting background his whole life. From playing high level cricket for years, he has been able to practice patience, dedication and formed a strong respect towards technique.

Prasanna has taken these qualities into his yoga practice, which he discovered in 2016  when he was searching for a movement which would be sustainable for the body from years of a high impact sport.

Finding the Human.Kind community in 2019, Prasanna immediately found his tribe. Creating a strong bond with those like minded humans trying to create a healthy, mindful way of life.

Since completing his 200hr Teacher Training in 2020, Prasanna has dived straight into teaching and his practice off the mat has evolved into a passion for social and environmental justice, as well as a strong interest to the decolonisation of yoga and society.

Prasanna believes that the world needs to heal, as healthy humans will inevitably create a healthy planet. Prasanna believes that the practice of yoga provides many tools which we can all adapt to our lives to create this healing evolution.

Duncan Djukanovic

Irenic (adj.) – promoting peace