MBSR Course

Experience the superpower of mindfulness with Human.Kind’s clinical psychologist, Rene Martin-Harris.

MBSR Course 



MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) is an 8-week mindfulness based training program designed for the reduction of stress, pain, anxiety and depression. We are delighted to offer an MBSR course at Human.Kind, facilitated by our clinical psychologist, Rene Martin-Harris.

MBSR was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979 for medical patients who were not responding to traditional medical treatments. It has been extensively researched and is now an evidence-based therapy.

While based in spiritual wisdom, MBSR is a secular (non-religious) program and is appropriate for anyone to attend. MBSR does not cure your pain; it helps you to more effectively cope with it, and thereby ease any added suffering caused by non-acceptance.

You do not need to have problems to grow, however it is important that you come ready to change.

This is a boot-camp in re-wiring the default mode network of your brain.
Get ready to experience the superpower of mindfulness.

This course will be capped at a maximum of 20 participants. Please book early to secure your spot.

Date & Time

Sept 27 – Nov 15 2023


5:30pm – 8pm



Sun 19 Nov 2023

9 – 4:30pm


City Studio

Level 1, 60 Halifax Street, Adelaide, South Australia


What you will learn

  • Become more mindful of your everyday experiences such as thoughts, bodily sensations, emotions, urges, habits and actions.
  • Learn to hold space for challenging experiences, and respond rather than react to your life.
  • The research and evidence base for MBSR.
  • Education about how we learn, brain plasticity, and memory.
  • Learn about the parasympathetic nervous system, emotions, and urge surfing.
  • Techniques including: body scans, movement meditations, various mindfulness focus areas, loving kindness, diffusion of thoughts.

What is involved?

  • A weekly 2.5hr session at our City studio involving psychological education, group discussion and mindfulness practice.
  • Undertake a daily 45 minute practice at home throughout the program.
  • The course will culminate in a cosy one-day silent retreat at the City Studio (including catered lunch.)
  • The course will be assisted by Human.Kind facilitators Tessa Leon and Becca Gross, to provide you additional support.

About Rene

I have been a practising psychologist since 2013 and pride myself on developing a meaningful, productive and fun relationship with clients. Therapy need not be heavy, particularly if we feel like a team, and I can help carry the load. 


I practice from cognitive, behavioural, mindfulness and acceptance frameworks, tailoring the approach to your needs and preferences. 


A loyal public servant, I have worked for 5 years at SA Health’s Statewide Eating Disorder Service providing 1:1 and group therapy and meal support in inpatient and outpatient settings. I worked for 3 years at North Eastern Community Mental Health service specialising in delivering group programs, particularly dialectical behaviour therapy for people with borderline personality disorder. Most recently, I’m in my third year as a school psychologist at Glenunga International High School where I write wellbeing curriculum for pastoral care programs, deliver large scale wellbeing workshops, provide leadership guidance, staff training and individual and group therapy. 


I have been coming to Human.Kind as a yogi for 2.5 years. I am so happy to be part of the Human.Kind provider family and immerse myself more in this community which serves to empower individuals to live their healthiest and happiest life.

-Psychologist for 9 years.

-Specialises in emotion regulation.

-Love working with challenges around mood, eating and impulsive behaviour.

-Highest values: growth, kindness,  adventure and connection.

-Nature, hiking, yoga, climbing, cooking (eating) and adventure enthusiast.

-Dog and people obsessed.