Our Classes

We offer a wide variety of movement and mindfulness modalities designed to challenge, restore, strengthen and stretch both the body and the mind. 

Yoga Pose Crescent Twist

Vinyasa Open (30°)


Strong and fluid, this dynamic class is a fusion of ancient and modern movement practices. Expect flowing yoga asana, mingled with functional strength and conditioning, all guided with precise anatomical intelligence. We blend insight teachings from science and spirituality to guide evolution in your body, mind and heart.

Open to all. Expect challenge.



This class is the antidote to your daily hustle. Expect to settle into long, grounding poses and come to a place of deep stillness. Incorporating methods from mindfulness, myofascial release, and Chinese medicine, you’ll cultivate balance on all levels. Slow down and allow yourself to soften and open.

Support offered for all bodies. Gentle.

Vinyasa Foundations

Understand your body.

This workshop style class is all about technique. Learn how to move with the ideal integrity for your unique physique. Understand the building blocks of a dynamic yoga practice and get to know the function of your muscles within each movement. Ask us questions. Get clarity. You’ll leave feeling aligned and empowered.

Perfect place to begin again.

Vin and Yin

Create space.

This exploratory class combines dynamic movement with deep release techniques to find freedom in your body. Start with a slow flow to warm the target areas, then move into myofascial release and restorative poses for a satisfying and balancing experience. Cultivate fluidity and openness through your entire being.

Not too fast, not too slow. The goldilocks class.


Build inner strength.

Mat pilates is a full body conditioning session led by our physiotherapists. Move through simple yet potent exercises targeting key muscle groups with clarity and precision. This class supports posture, injury prevention and fine-tunes inner strength. Optimise your unconscious movement patterns.

Targeted strength. Perfect prehab and rehab.

Vinyasa Progressive


This workshop style class gives you space and time to evolve your physical practice. Finesse your physical awareness and learn the keys to unlocking more intricate shapes in your body, including inversions, backbends and arm balances. Options and variations offered. Questions and conversations encouraged.

Try something new. You might surprise yourself.


Elevate your heart rate.

A high intensity workout designed to lift your pulse, and the corners of your mouth! Expect familiar moves set to energising beats. This 45-minute session is an essential part of your healthy movement diet and is perfect for all levels. Leave feeling refreshed and energised.

Open to all. Options for different intensity.

Yoga Nidra

Connect to deep rest.

Lie down and encourage your mind and body to rest deeply. You’ll be guided through relaxation techniques like body-scans and other visualisations. This ancient practice helps settle your energy and create deep healing. Relax, reset your nervous system, and feel refreshed.

Reset and regulate your nervous system.

Guided Meditation

Find stillness.

Come home to yourself. These guided sessions are an introduction to inner awareness practices. Learn methods involving concentration, mindfulness, breath, or mantra, to gain insight into the workings of your mind. This daily dose of mental training will help relax reactivity patterns and leave you feeling present and aware.

Start and sustain your meditation practice.

'Quiet Time'

Space and calm.

Whether you identify as being neuro-divergent, if you experience PTSD, or if you just want to come into a space that puts you in an extra calm frame of mind, this session takes into account controlled environmental factors. You can expect the same warm Open Vinyasa flow class, but sensory stimuli pre/post class will be muted and stable.

Suitable for people who want a bit of quiet time.

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