Raechel Pratt

With over ten years experience, my classes, teaching, and practice has evolved and continues to. My background starts over ten years ago, teaching Bikram Yoga across Adelaide and Perth. When I moved over to Vinyasa Yoga, I discovered more passion, and love being able to weave music, stories, philosophy & movement together in a unique and light hearted class. 
Just some influences on my current teachings include Laughing Lotus Dana Flynn, Diane Long, Rod Stryker & Lara Dwyer. I’ve been privileged enough to pass on knowledge on teacher trainings and lead teacher workshops. In my real life job (as dad would say), I have worked extensively building, producing and managing yoga for in App experiences. My journey with Yoga continues to evolve! 
I have a keen interest in the pursuit of strength and endurance, and this will often weave through in the practice. Unfortunately my beautiful soulmate Kelpie, Cosmo, cannot participate in the yoga room (I’m sure he would argue), however he is often my most talked about outside of studio life. 
I’m so honoured to be teaching at Human.Kind, as the elements of nature, kindness and fun feel very close to my own values. I have practiced at Human.Kind since it’s inception in Adelaide, and have loved watching it grow. Over my years of teaching and living, I’ve realised that community and surrounding yourself with the right people that light you up is hugely nourishing and important, and that’s why I landed here.
Raechel Pratt
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