The Ripple Effect Funded Projects

Project 30 - May 2022

Youth Inc’s Work Venture Exhibition at ACE

Registered senior secondary school, Youth Inc. is an Adelaide-based learning alternative, designed specifically for young people aged 17-24. Youth Inc’s curriculum has been developed in response to the growing number of young South Australians disengaging from traditional education and employment, particularly those already experiencing disadvantage. The consequences of educational disengagement have a wide social impact, including, labour force participation, active citizenship, interaction with the justice system, worsening mental and physical health etc.

The Work Venture program is the social enterprise arm of Youth Inc. The program consists of several micro-enterprises which supply socially impactful and sustainable products and services and connect young people with meaningful, real-world industry experience and education outcomes in the form of a Cert. III in Business.

For this Ripple Effect funded project Youth Inc will partner with ACE Open to deliver a creative skills development program for our Work Ventures participants with 22 students exhibiting and celebrating their work.

Project 29 - April 2022

Top Soil Garden Project

We are Jay, Rose, Laura, Lilly & Enoch, and we are working hard to establish a transformative approach to therapeutic horticulture and regenerative models of care in the Adelaide Hills.

Our focus is on creating best-practice in human-centred mental health support, moving the dial for members of our community who experience marginalisation and developing a thriving community where we can all feel valued and supported.

Topsoil Garden Project will deliver community-based, nature-centric wellness services, supporting the needs of people experiencing mental ill-health and psychosocial disability. We seek to establish the Adelaide Hills as a thriving wellbeing ecosystem where people can access clinical care, support work and wellbeing services with a community that supports, enables and inspires them. We hope that through a dramatic reconceptualisation of function, communities can be skilled and empowered to provide kind, ethical and regenerative care

Project 28 - April 2022

Lion Hearts Learning

Lion Hearts Learning (LHL) is a South Australian registered children’s charity that provides a free playgroup/pre-school service to children impacted by Cancer, whether it be their own, a sibling’s, or a parent’s.

Mainstream community playgroup, and preschool facilities can find it difficult to provide the hygienic environment required for oncology children, so they are denied the social, emotional and educational benefits of preschool.
LHL provide a range of services:
Face to Face: Our face to face sessions provide social, emotional and educational (preparing for school) type learning.

‘On Lion’ (Online sessions): For those children who cannot attend face to face sessions due to being unwell, are in hospital or live too far away, a live zoom session, incorporating a range of activities such as jolly phonics, craft, storytelling, farm education, body movement, nutrition, socialisation, show and tell and more.

Craft and Education Packs: For children who are in hospital or at home and too unwell to participate in either face to face or online sessions, we post craft and education packs and videos on a regular basis to oncology children and siblings so they still have activities to do in their own time whilst also having the fun and excitement of the packs arriving at their houses.

Due to the current COVID climate our face to face sessions had to be postponed. However this has created a greater need for the Craft and Education Packs, with our numbers growing substationaly.

Project 27 - March 2022

Blue Carbon: Seagrass Solutions for Climate Change

What on EARTH is blue carbon? At this interactive event, we’ll learn all about how underwater ecosystems are helping combat climate change. Take a virtual dive off the South Australian coast, learn how to make seaweed art, seaweed pasta and importantly – how to conserve underwater ‘plants’. Come, marvel in the wonder of our blue planet, and discover how you can take part in the action.

This event will be located at Folklore Cafe, and is made possible by a Ripple Effect Grant from Human.Kind Studios.

Project 26 - February 2022

The Dark Sky Project

In February 2022, the Dark Sky 5049 project team borrowed an anabat detector to determine whether the Pine Gully, Seacliff environs had any native micro-bats present. Recently, two machines were placed in the Gully for one week. The group had to return the equipment after one week.
Six species were detected. This is fantastic news, but there was no consistent way to collect data.

The group applied for the Ripple Effect grant to continue the monitoring process without having to borrow the equipment.
The Ripple Effect grant enabled an anabat detector to be donated to the Dark Sky Project and the the Holdfast Bay Council so that the microbats can be monitored anywhere in the district, any time of the year, several times each season, at many locations. This will give a great indication of how healthy the microbat populations are.

Project 25- February 2022

Brad & Chloe Darkson, Moonrise Seaweed Co

For the past 3 years, we have been incrementally working towards our dream of farming seaweed.
Seaweed farming has the potential to be a win-win-win form of agriculture – producing versatile, nourishing crops, reviving coastal economies, and regenerating local marine ecologies. However, this type of aquaculture is a brand new industry in Australia, with limited pathways for small operators without a lot of startup capital. At this stage the future is open in terms of whether we follow the blueprint of fish aquaculture (large corporations growing monocultures at an industrial scale), or revive the idea of the working waterfront, where small farms operate with an eye to supporting ecosystem functioning rather than with an extractive mindset.
Attempting to get started in this industry has been a long road with many setbacks, but we feel that if we succeed in this endeavour we will be able to contribute our skills and passion to benefit people, culture and planet. Thank you so much for helping us kickstart regenerative seaweed farming in South Australia!

Project 24- February 2022

Wattle and Wonder: Hannah Jones

Wattle + Wonder is my small business based on Kaurna, Peramangk and Ngarrindjeri Country on the Fleurieu Peninsula. I deliver creative environmental education for all ages specialising in native plants & bushland biodiversity. I love our patches of remnant bushland and have so much passion for sharing their beauty and wonder with others; my guiding motto is: “In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.” (Baba Dioum, 1968). I run guided bushwalks and nature journaling workshops with the intention of sparking people’s curiosity, connecting them with nature and inspiring them to help take care of our precious native bushland. The Ripple Effect grant will help expand my services and enable me to start offering primary school excursions that teaches students about bushland biodiversity and conservation. My vision is that they fall in love with our native plants and animals and advoca

Project 23- December 2021

Kirsty Martinsen: Access Exhibition Event

As an artist living with MS, Kirsty Martinsen is passionate about providing access opportunities for the broader arts and access communities. The exhibition team will use the Ripple Effect funding specifically to provide an access event as part of the exhibition at Praxis Art Space in 2022. Funds will go directly to Access2Arts (A2A) to design and facilitate the access event on the 2nd of April. A2A will design audio description (which will be conducted live on the 2nd of April as well as provided on the website for the entire length of the exhibition) and Deaf:CanDo will provide an Auslan interpretation of the artist talk at the access event. This A2A event will provide accessibility to neurodivergent, Deaf, Blind and participants with other access needs – and will mean that the exhibition culminates in a celebration for the broader community, centred around the needs of the access community.

Project 22 - December 2021

Keitha – The Seed Medicine Garden

Keitha Thuy Young (she/her) is a mother, farmer, ostomate and folk herbalist who advocates for seed + food sovereignty and intersectional healing justice. Keitha is a skilled workshop facilitator, teaching resilience through Seed Saving, Gardening and Folk Herbalism. She is passionate about offering earth-based skills within an intersectional context, based on the central concept that our connection with Nature/ourselves also contributes towards Collective Liberation. The Ripple Effect grant supports her to share more traditional knowledge – from herbal remedy crafting, to seed stewardship, to building soil health (and thus our own health) by supporting the development of a workshop space and apocothary at her Farm on Kaurna Land in McLaren Flat. The Seed Medicine Garden is a biodiverse, organic farm – growing medicinal herbs, heirloom vegetables, preserving rare seed varieties and adapting food crops to climate challenges, and this grant will support her to share this magic with many more people.

Project 21 - September 2021

Liz Sanders

The Food Embassy Inc. (TFE) is a small not-for-profit business committed to energising and enabling communities to take action on climate change through building more localised food systems. They do this through education, mentoring and partnership with community organisations.

Attendees report being inspired and empowered by TFE events, and appreciate the multi-modal educational methodology, hearing from guest speakers, building community connections and networks of information sharing.


Their next step is to engage young people who are known to be anxious about climate change, and keen to be part of climate action. The food system contributes up to 30% to greenhouse gas emissions but is not apparent in the public dialogue on climate change. TFE wants to build awareness among young people and support them in taking personal, social and political action on this issue. 


The Ripple Effect funds will be used to adapt their Food Matters curriculum to better suit young people, aged 16-30 years. 

Bike Kitchen

Project 20 - July 2021

Freedom Machine Workshop by The Bike Kitchen

Freedom Machine is ABK’s bike-maintenance workshop for people in our community whose genders are often marginalised in the bike world. For us, this means people who self-identify as Women, Non-binary, Gender-Diverse and Trans people.


Adelaide Bike Kitchen is dedicated to growing the reach and relationships with people who are often less-represented in the bicycle mechanics realm. 

Project 19 - July 2021

Amy Hill

Amy survived 10 years of domestic violence including psychological, physical, emotional, verbal, financial and paper abuse. Amy has taken her power back and found her voice to inspire, educate, heal and mentor other survivors. She started a business, The Freedom Mentor where she provides group coaching programs and 1:1 services. Amy is a speaker and author to help raise awareness, especially on psychological abuse, coercive control and gaslighting, as well as empowerment. To help reach a wider audience and to articulate the experience of going through domestic violence to discovering a new kind of inner freedom, Amy is writing a book ‘My Life on Eggshells’ aiming to help people understand, for other survivors to relate to and not feel alone.

The Ripple Effect will significantly help this book project and truly make a difference to the lives of others.

Project 18 - May 2021

Bike Kitchen

Adelaide Bike Kitchen (ABK) is a not for profit, volunteer run, community bike workshop. The aim of ABK is to promote cycling for health, sustainability and community by enabling people to have autonomy over their bike maintenance and through community focused activities to highlight the pure joy of riding a bike. Adelaide Bike Kitchen believe that it is essential for societies to depart from reliance on fossil fuels and an important step in that transition is through the promotion of cycling.

Through Ripple Effect funding, ABK we are looking to relaunch a focused workshop called Freedom Machine. Freedom Machine will be an exclusive space for women, trans and non-binary people who are largely excluded from traditional bike mechanics spaces. ABK will host monthly bike workshops and rides focusing on confidence building and getting more people to fall in love with their bikes. The overall aim of Freedom Machine is to build and strengthen the community of non-cis male riders in Adelaide and within ABK itself.

Project 17 - April 2021

Post Dining

Post Dining applied to support an adaptation of their award-winning immersive theatre concepts into curriculum-linked educational workshops that will inspire school-aged children to engage in sustainable and healthy food practises.

Post Dining is a sustainability-minded team of leading edge producers, artists, performers, and eating designers who disrupt and reimagine the relationship between people, food and the environment. We design new forms of entertainment and education that challenge and engage all the senses, using food as a powerful tool for connection in our events. For the past five years, Creative Directors Hannah Rohrlach and Steph Daughtry have cut out a niche in Adelaide through our multi award-winning immersive designs. Post Dining communicate with audiences through memorable, thought-provoking & interactive performances, exhibitions, workshops and experiences.

Project 16 - March 2021

Lot 50 Regeneration

The majority of the land at Lot 50-Kanyanyapilla (L50K) is a registered Aboriginal heritage site (SA Aboriginal Heritage Act), likely occupied for several thousand years.  L50K now features three ecosystem types; a remnant reed swamp, remnant sedge lands and the re-generating grassy woodland. In order for new plantings to survive, a lot of care and resources are required.


The 10 year Regeneration Plan currently in place adopts a bi-cultural approach, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, and recognises the cultural practices and traditions of both cultures. The concept of Kanyanyapilla is bigger than the land of L50K and L50K encompasses also the post settlement history. Not only is this land being regenerated towards its former biodiversity, it serves as a cultural learning site and also a gathering place for arts and many other events. This is valuable learning for future generations.


Ripple Effect will support the purchase of plants, fertilizers, mulch, tree guards and weed control to assist the Regeneration Plan and the tree planting events on this land.

Project 15 - February 2021

Lived experience studio/drop-in care space

The Lived Experience Studio in the Adelaide CBD is a social impact driven peer support practice that provides alternatives to support and care that center lived experience.
The Studio believes having spaces of joy and community that welcomes all of who we are is central to our well-being and has created the Drop In Care Space; an inclusive, peer run community space located in Adelaide CBD where young adults can both learn and use what they need to look after their well-being. The Drop In Care Space is like a blend of a cafe, community centre and mental health gym where individuals can drop in and access art, a space to hang out or take a break, a community kitchen and support in finding resources while exploring hobbies and creative activities in a fun environment as well as connecting with others who share similar identities or interests. 
This flash fund will support the set up of the space including purchasing art and craft supplies, tools for activities that support their well-being, sensory and self-care items as well as educational resources focusing on mental health, disabilities, gender and social justice.

Project 14 - January 2021

BioR Frahns Farm Planting Festival

Bio·R Australia is a volunteer-run, conservation-focused registered charity that recontructs complex, functional habitat for declining woodland bird species in the Mt Lofty Ranges, many of which will likely locally disappear within the next few decades without this important work. 

The B in Bio·R stands for Biodiversity and the R stands for Reconstruct (complex habitat features at landscape and regional scales), Research (we conduct research to continually improve our theoretical and practical knowledge) and Reconnect (we work to reconnect the community to natural systems and to develop intergenerational ownership).

Ripple Effect will support Frahns Farm Planting Festival in June 2021, during which hundreds of volunteers will plant over 10,000 plants of over 100 species across 6 days. These planting events, along with BioR’s school activities and volunteer research days, are deeply integrated with a sense of community building: “Reconnect”. 

This planting festival will reach out to new audiences and provide an opportunity for our volunteers to celebrate their efforts and success to develop a deeper connection with environmental conservation. The festival will include an onsite live music event and camping on the final night of the planting event in June. By attending the evening music event, guests will be encouraged to stay for two days of planting and camp onsite overnight, developing a deeper connection with the natural ecology of this special place.

Project 13 - December 2020

Kaurna Cronin and The Hutt Street Centre Writing Group

Project 12 - November 2020


Rana is passionate about expressive therapies and has integrated this practice with her work with young people. She believes creatively expressing, discovering and collaborating can support and assist people and their families with what they are currently facing. Rana draws on her training in Narrative Therapy, CBT, grief counselling and trauma-informed counselling to deliver person-centred care. Social justice principles underpin her work, and she is also currently conducting research on the experiences and coping strategies of climate-change activists. 

This research is informed by psychotherapeutic frameworks that are grounded in the understandings social, cultural, political and relational complexity. She hopes to broaden understandings of individual and collective experiences of climate change related distress, empowering communities to approach, discuss, be with and move through distress.

Project 11 - September 2020


Locally made, written and produced film DAMAGE had its Adelaide Film Festival premiere, and The Ripple Effect funded the development of a culturally relevant study kit and promotional materials for the film in both Arabic and English. 

The Ripple Effect grant enabled Hiba to establish herself as a contributing artist in a project of cultural significance and to create networks in her new South Australian community. The funded opportunity helped Hiba gain new experiences and create opportunities for an artistic “exchange” where she can practice as an artist and begin to envisage opportunities for herself in her new life in Adelaide.



Project 10 - August 2020

Climate-Proof Food

Climate-Proof Food is a social enterprise dedicated to building connections between plate and planet, and what we can do as individuals to make sustainable food choices in the age of climate change. The vision of Climate-Proof Food is to empower young people to understand their place in the food system and realise the impacts their food choices can have, as well as to raise awareness that food is a nexus between many aspects of life, particularly people, planet, and pockets.

Project 9 - July 2020

Greenhill Living Program

Greenhill Living Program for Kindergartens and Primary schools. Offer 4 kindergartens a complementary seasonal garden session a complementary full day with multiple classes in the garden. These kindergartens would not be able to have Greenhill Living visiting without these complimentary sessions. This Ripple Effect project funded kids getting their hands dirty, getting connected to knowing where their food comes from! These sessions help get kids and schools get started on their food growing journey.

Project 8 - June 2020

Villiagehood’s Gift It Forward Fund

Due to financial pressure linked to Covid-19 and/or other reasons, many mothers are unable to gift themselves ME TIME, which combined with isolation can have a negative impact on mental health. Villagehood allows mothers in their community to mentally recharge and connect with one another boosting the wellbeing of all mothers (and everyone else around them too). Ripple Effect funded Villagehood’s Gift It Forward Fund to help mothers in need enjoy some ‘me time’ with child care services and care.

Project 7 - May 2020

Jenny Berry

The Ripple Effect funded a project by artist Jenny Berry to paint a drab fenced off garden where patients with acute mental health issues reside and bring a sense of hope and joy to the space. It has allowed people to be inspired and feel a sense of hope while they recover. The lasting impacts of this will also benefit the staff who work there by providing a calming, supportive and nurturing environment to be productive in. The funds have ensured that as an artist Jenny Berry can bring her creativity and skills and use them to enrich the lives of others.

Tree Yoga Pose

Project 6 - April 2020


#treeposefornature is a new social media fundraising and tree planting campaign by The Gaia Movement, a new initiative by Erin Fowler that invites people around the world to engage creatively, through the arts, with the themes of sustainability, climate change and the environment. It explores the cultural, personal, spiritual and community shifts required to make lasting change for the planet and our existence on it.

Ripple Effect

Project 5 - February 2020


RUPTURE investigates, through a full sensory immersion environment (6 screens, 3D sound, live performance, live sound), the ways in which the body and the world mimic each other in modes of panic and crisis and how symptoms of ‘disorder’ can be seen as an appropriate response to personal traumas and global catastrophe. Ripple Effect contributed towards technical equipment rental and technical assistance fees, bringing this performance to existence for the team.

Project 4 - January 2020


The Australian season of ‘Gobby’. This grant will gives producers the capacity to engage with support workers in areas of Domestic Violence and Mental Health Services sharing some insight into the lasting impact of abuse and trauma on individuals that have experienced it. Theatre has an incredible power to tell stories, raise awareness, and promote healing around sociological issues – and they are looking forward to working closer with organisations with similar goals thanks to the Ripple Effect support.

Project 3 - December 2019

D-Cycle 3D Printed Waste Recycling

DCycle is a closed-loop recycling program to collect 3D printed plastic waste and convert it into useable filament to be printed with again. This waste is collected from a network of recycling bins throughout South Australia, at schools, universities, companies and community spaces. There are currently 126 recycling bins in place, stretching from the Mount Gambier Library to UniSA at Mawson Lakes.

Project 2 - November 2019

Crispin Boxhall ‘Beekeeping for Beginners’

Crispin Boxhall lives on a family hobby farm in the Adelaide Hills with 35 Dorper ewes and currently 30 bee hives. After retiring from the army, a rapid change of direction was required. It didn’t take Crispin long to realise that his love of beekeeping began to grow and eventually he began teaching others too, developing a space to enable his ability to teach beekeeping to others. Crispin applied to The Ripple Effect for assistance to get the access area improved for those with mobility issues. Crispin wanted ‘Beekeeping For Beginners’ to be available to everyone.

Our First Funded Project - October 2019

Uniity (Unifying Neighbourhood Intergenerational Interactions Together with You)

A friendship program designed to enrich lives and create sustainable caring communities by facilitating meaningful connections across generations. Uniity currently operates in the area of West Croydon and surrounding suburbs, as well as in Pasadena, and hope to expand to other areas in the future.