Solstice '23

Practice for purpose


Solstice ’23 is on. 

You’re invited to practice 23 classes over 30 days.


Starting on 21 June, the longest night of the year, light up your health together as the days get brighter. 


To be honest, we don’t really care how deep your backbend is or how long you can balance on your head. We care about how resilient you feel. How well you take care of yourself. How cool-headed you can be in a crisis, and how willing you are to help lift others up.


This is the real reason for Solstice. And this year, you get to practise with extra purpose. Instead of personal prizes, we are going to donate $1 per class you attend to the Australian Conservation Foundation. 


ACF champion big solutions for planet and people. Like us, they call bullshit on the narrative that we must sacrifice nature for a quick buck. They’re on a mission to get people to solve the crisis we made. Together.


1 class = $1 donation to ACF from Human.Kind, on behalf of you. It’s the ultimate expression of healthy humans for a healthy planet.


We encourage you to try a mix of vinyasa, yin, pilates, nidra, MFR, meditation, run club or a city studio gym session. Your body was made to move.


How it works:

  1. Sign up online. Livestreamers here. In-studio here. It’s free to participate! Then write your name on the wall chart at City or Glenelg. Use your membership or pass to book classes. (City studio gym unlimited add-on is $9 per week.)
  2. It begins on 21 June. You can join the opening 108 Sun Salutations event at each studio to honour the night, and the return of the light. Book here for City. Here for Livestream. Here for Glenelg.
  3. Each time you attend a class on our schedule or do a gym sesh at the city studio, add it to the wall chart. Livestreamers, we’ll send you a digital one.
  4. It finishes on 20 July. There will be a closing party for everyone who participated on Friday 21st at 6pm. Booking info will be sent later.
  5. Experiment with different classes. Apply dedication and care to build both strength and ease. Practice for purpose.


Date & Time
Begins Wed 21 June 2023


City Studio, Glenelg Studio or Livestream

Getting involved is FREE.

Use your membership or grab an Intro Pass or a 1-month Pass to book classes.

Returning to Human.Kind for Solstice?
Our 1 Month Pass offers you the best value. You'll have unlimited practice across our City, Glenelg and livestream studios for the 30 days. Classes land at $9.50 if you practice 23 times. Even less if you show up more. Welcome home.
New to our community?
Get 30 days unlimited practice throughout Solstice for $49. Our Intro Pass gives you one month of unlimited classes at both our City and Glenelg Studios, plus full access to livestream classes online. Try different class styles, meet the team, connect to the community.
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