Solstice '24

Fill your cup.

It’s time to get real about taking care of yourself.


You’re invited to practice 20 classes over 30 days. Starting on the winter solstice, 21 June.


Humans are happier when they move. Research shows exercise supports the treatment of depression and anxiety. It boosts feel good hormones, helps with stress management, and resets your nervous system. Yoga is especially helpful as it incorporates mindfulness, breath regulation, and rest. All of these are potent antidotes to overwhelm.


You’ve heard of not being able to pour from an empty cup. Human.Kind is your bottomless refill station.

Date & Time
Begins Fri 21 June 2024


City Studio, Glenelg Studio or Livestream

Getting involved is FREE.

Use your membership or grab an Intro Pass to book classes.


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 How it works


1. Grab a membership to join in.

Buy now: in studio membership or livestream.

– Brand new to the studio? Grab our Intro Pass.

– Existing members, you’re good to go. 

2. Sign up to be part of the Solstice community

– Choose to join either in-studio or via livestream. It’s FREE to participate. 

– Track your month via the wall chart in studios, or a digital version.

– You’ll be invited to a private online group where we’ll share weekly inspiration and you can connect to fellow participants if you wish.

3. Practice 20 times in 30 days

We have 69 classes on offer every week. And it’s not all about yoga. Try mat pilates for strength, or running to get high. Use nidra for relaxation or a gym session to workout your way. Join choir to feel connected or meditation to help you make sense of the world. All of these tools support your wellbeing, and all count in your 20 classes.

You’re busy. Life is a lot. We get it.

That’s why we offer livestream classes and an on-demand class library (via the Human.Kind App) so you can fit the practice around your schedule. 

All the above is included in your membership.


4. Closing celebration 21 July

Sunday morning is the new Saturday night. You’re invited to celebrate together at both studios with classes, runs, hangs and high vibes in the AM.

Self care = community care.

Let’s get together to build new habits, ride the collective momentum, support ourselves and take care of eachother.