Healthy People for a Healthy Planet

At Human.Kind we want to see a humanity that lives its highest values.  Where community, equality, health and love show up in every action, every day.


Yoga Teachers and Physiotherapists

The Bigger Picture

‘Healthy people for a healthy planet’ is our guiding principle.

We invite you to live it with us.

When we say healthy people, we mean you! Use the movement practices and professional therapy to create a sense of deep vitality, balance and ease in your body, mind and heart. When we say healthy planet, we mean thriving and sustainable ecosystems in the circles of local community, society, and of course the natural environment.

In simplest terms, personal health drives collective health.

Harmful actions of discrimination and violence against others (and our planet) are born from internal imbalances of fear, greed and ignorance. These actions echo and amplify to create many of the systems of inequality, mistrust, profiteering and oppression that we see today. Conversely, when leaders with heart and compassion speak in human tones, everything softens. Families, teams and countries come together with love and hope.

Our quiet revolution begins now.

We believe that this community is the perfect microcosm to start a quiet revolution.

Together we are creating a movement of deeply healthy, big-hearted, educated, and generous humans who can speak up and stand up for a bright future for all beings. In a city the size of Adelaide our combined ripple effect is tangible, the systems and norms are changeable. A brighter future is inevitable. 

That’s the vision behind ‘healthy people for a healthy planet’.
It’s small and big, humble and bold, it’s you and us.

With love, 

Triton, Tessa and the whole Human.Kind crew