Yin Masterclass

Learn to restore the body utilising the Chinese medicine body clock

Bianca Tarr

Yin Masterclass: The Chinese medicine body clock

Come together for an extended dreamy yin practice and learn to restore the body utilising the Chinese medicine body clock.


This body clock cycles through different organs within the body, as well as qi, or energy, that accompanies the organ. It is believed that if we use specific organs at specific times of the day, we can harness our qi and direct it in a meaningful way.


Join Bianca Zara for the evening. We’ll begin with a soft conversation around this ancient tradition, followed by a deep yin sequence which will tour the landmarks of the body clock.


Harness the wisdom of these ancient systems to nourish the rhythms of your body and life.

Date & Time
Fri 30 June

6 – 8pm


Glenelg Studio | Kaurna Land

Level 1/118 Jetty Rd, Glenelg, South Australia


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Bianca Tarr

About Bianca 

I’ve been hanging out with my mat now for over 11 years. Over those years I got to not only connect with who I truly am but I connected deeply with the world we share. The greatest thing I have found from my practice is love, and that’s what I share and hold for everyone in my classes and hope you feel it too.


I started my trainings in the beginning of 2014; I trained in Bikram, yin & advanced yin, advanced vinyasa, philosophy and meditation, plus many more to come as the best teachers are always the forever students.