Movie Night

Patagonia X Human.Kind – Action for Earth

Thank you for not chopping here

Movie Night: Thank You For Not Chopping Here

Patagonia and Human.Kind invite you for a night of ‘Action for Earth’ in our City Studio.


We know that rubbing shoulders with the trees improves personal health and wellbeing. It turns out that regularly spending time in nature also deepens our connection to, and care for, these wild and beautiful places.


And this is a potent feedback loop. One that’s critical to developing widespread compassion and action for the health of the planet.


Join us and other likeminded humans on Wednesday 24 May to watch a powerful film about saving our wild places. Listen to some inspiring presentations. Engage in the important conversation. Relish in the boundless potential for community-driven environmental action.


You’ll hear and see:


  • A special 30min film called ‘Thank you for not chopping here’. About the mountain ash forests of Victoria on the verge of collapse. Vast, ancient ecosystems that hold immense biodiversity. Irreplaceable cultural and heritage value.
  • A brief presentation from Patagonia’s Community Sports Manager Majell Backhausen. On the environmental protection work being done here in South Australia. And how shared passions and outdoor sports can mobilise people to save wild places.
  • Inspiration on how you can create action for Earth in your day-to-day. Both individually and as part of a collective.

Date & Time
Wed 24 May

7:30pm – 9:00pm


City Studio

Kaurna Land

Level 1, 60 Halifax Street, Adelaide.


Bring friends. We’ll bring popcorn.