Climate change affects all of us.

It is both the challenge and the opportunity of our generation.

Solutions exist, but we cannot delay.

What we do next counts more than ever before.

Vote for the Planet Campaign

The brightest future for all of us involves a radical shift to a decarbonised economy. We have abundant solar, wind, and mineral resources right here. We already have every technology required. Australia could lead this change and be an example to the world.

Today’s major hurdle is this federal government’s lack of environmental responsibility. They enable fossil fuel incumbents to slow the transition, and they prevent renewables investment. They not only refuse to answer to future generations, but to those experiencing the effects of climate change today.

It’s time to tell this government that a fossil-fuelled Australia is over.

What we need are inspiring leaders ready to move forward.

We need them now. And we need YOU now. 

Human.Kind are demanding ambitious climate action. 

We want to start a Human.Revolution.

And we want you to join us.

Here’s how.

How To Take Action


Learn from two of Adelaide’s leaders in this field: ecologist Associate Professor David Paton, and economist Emeritus Professor Barbara Pocock.

This FREE panel discussion will be about protecting our local ecosystems, what’s on the line this election, and how the Human.Kind community can make a big impact. Bring your family, bring your neighbours; let’s talk.

When: Fri 29 April, 6:30pm
Where: Human.Kind City Studio or Livestream


If you want to see a bright future for humanity on our planet, this will be the most important federal election of our lifetime. The current government has shown no ambition to tackle climate change.

But there is good cause for hope. Running in this election we have a new generation of amazing leaders in environment, economics and social justice. We can decarbonise the economy and truly prosper in the new green economy that it creates, but only if we act now. Let’s be clear. This current government has to go.

When: Election Day 2022.
Outcome: a huge Green and Teal independent vote. Labor have 1 seat majority in Lower House. Greens have the balance of power in the Upper House. A good result. Now let's hope they can get on with turning the tide in Australia.


One of the most proven impactful things you can do as an individual is move your superannuation savings to an ethical fund. But why stop there? Change your bank, change your electricity provider, even change your phone and internet provider.

There are great environmentally responsible options available (with much better customer service). Want to learn more? We've put together our own guide to the ethical providers that we use.

When: Right now
Where: Online