Online Community Hub

We love in person connection. But there are times where a digital connection is good too.

What to expect?

Our hub is like social media without the algorithms and advertisements. It’s not going to ping you with notifications or try to distract you. But it does create a place where we can connect as a community and feed into our in-real-life relationships. 


Here you’ll find general feeds and discussions from people within the Human.Kind studio community. It’s a great place to connect on ideas, share information or skills. 


Our Online Hub is also where we support our in person course groups.  We use these spaces to open up digital content, have peer to peer discussion, and discuss logistics. You’ll only gain access to these private groups if you are part of that cohort. We currently don’t run any online only trainings. 


As you join, please take a moment to upload a photo and a little blurb, so that other people from the studio know who you are and can start a conversation either online or in studio.