Welcome to The Circular Initiative

In November 2023 we launched this next phase of the Myponga project. We’re calling it The Circular Initiative. It’s a call out for four groups to gather together to bring this vision to life. You could be a Major Investor, Community Investor, Health Facilitator, Landcare Team or all of the above. 
Head to the website by clicking the link below. There you can learn much about the project, and importantly, let us know how you’d like to be involved.
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About the Myponga Project so far:

In 2022 we brought 107 hectares of beautiful, yet ecologically degraded, farm land under our care. 
This land has been purchased with the intent to create a special place for all of us. It has been funded by a small group of investors connected through the Human.Kind studios who want to see a different model of investing in communities and landcare.
The intention for this land is to be a place of deepening connection. To learn new skills. To contribute to revegetation and biodiversity. To spend time in retreat. And to spend time with ourselves.
We envision creating a social enterprise that functions as an ecologically sensitive retreat centre. It will be used for spiritual retreats, educational trainings, arts and creative developments, weekend getaways (and yes probably weddings too).
This is a project that is bigger than any individual. Over a time scale bigger than any lifetime. And we want to co-create it with you, our Human.Community. Head to The Circular Initiative website to learn more: 
Triton Tree Planting

Let's Talk Big Ideas

This Myponga project is the coming together of many big and important ideas that help shape a better society and a fairer economy. 


Below are some videos that begin the conversation across a suite of ideas from economics, landcare, happiness, and purpose. Dive in.

I hope you get as excited by the possibilities as I do. I believe these ideas will be the building blocks that we lean on as we shape what comes next.

But this is just the starting point. Join a group at The Circular Initiative website, or be part of the conversation over on our Community Hub.

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Distributive Economies

Learn a little about the difference of extractive and distributive economies. This comes from Harvard economist Kate Raworth. She’s a a great educator and helping to shift the focus from growth to sustainability at all levels. Watch her TED talk here or visit the Doughnut Economics Action Lab here

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Using Money To Create The Things Money Can't Buy

This is a project that looks at what we need now, what we’ll need in 20 years and what might be needed 100+ years into the future. To be of use, this project will need to be supported not just by a group of people, but by generations of people. How do we work within exisiting structures but ensure equality, access and longevity? 

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What Is A Social Enterprise?

Who Gives A Crap. Thankyou. Taboo. These are businesses that put purpose first and can thrive within a marketplace. Let’s be one of those.  Learn more at The Social Startup

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Awareness Agency Mismatch

We have two choices with how to deal with the anxiety that can come with looking at the big picture. One is retraction. The other is expansion.  Guess what we’re doing…

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An Iconic Place For Us All

This place is going to be iconic in South Australia. Khai Liew + Snohetta + You + Us.

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Fungal Networks

At Human.Kind we have a value, that connected communities are resilient communities. This project is going to take this to the next level. Having non-hierarchical, non-linear models of organisation is going be relevant in this project and communities of the future. 

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A Place Of Connection

Here I try to describe what it is we will be doing in this place. Not a great job but it is a start. I’m interested in what want to see us create here. 

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None Of These Ideas Are Mine

In this video I share a dozen really important books that you might want to check out to go much deeper on all of these ideas.