The 5 Spirits

Understand the ecosystem of the body through the Taoist map of the human psyche with Bianca Zara.

The 5 Spirits

Nourish the spirit and understand the ecosystem of the body through the Taoist map of the human psyche.
When we are thriving in spirit, we experience the world and our unfolding life more profoundly.
Join Bianca Zara on a 5-week course exploring the spirits of Chinese Medicine through the techniques of Yin yoga, Qigong, Acupressure, Breathwork, Meditation and conversation.
Each week you will flow through the embodiment of each spirit and how it determines how we show up in the world, connect with others, and navigate all the experiences life has to offer.
Each week will consist of:
  • Opening lecture
  • Journalling
  • A one Hour practice plus meditations
  • Tea to nourish that spirit after class.
Your spirit awaits…

Date & Time
Aug 12 – Sept 9




Glenelg Studio

Level 1/118 Jetty Road, Glenelg



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Bianca Tarr

About Bianca

I’ve been hanging out with my mat now for over 11 years. Over those years I got to not only connect with who I truly am but I connected deeply with the world we share. The greatest thing I have found from my practice is love, and that’s what I share and hold for everyone in my classes and hope you feel it too.


I started my trainings in the beginning of 2014; I trained in Bikram, yin & advanced yin, advanced vinyasa, philosophy and meditation, plus many more to come as the best teachers are always the forever students.