Tyler Chappell



Tyler’s yoga journey started during his time as a professional baseball player. Looking for a better way to take care of his body, he had dabbled in yoga in the past but eventually found himself fully immersed in the practice. Starting with a fascination of how bodies can adapt and evolve, he dove into his first Vinyasa teacher training at this very studio. 

He was lucky enough to travel and teach in Indonesia before journeying to India to engage in more training. It was there that the full practice of yoga really came alive for him. Studying and practicing Hatha, Ashtanga, meditation and Yoga Nidra he was awoken to the more subtle aspects of eastern philosophy and spirituality. The next step on his travels took him to Vietnam where he and his partner India were blessed to share yoga in many different capacities; trainings, workshops, retreats and drop-in classes with students from all over the world.

Tyler eventually made his way back to Adelaide and the warm embrace of the Human Kind community. His goal for every class is to offer people the understanding that yoga truly is for everyone. His relaxed, easy-going attitude welcomes all practitioners with open arms.

Cosmic humour, especially about
your own predicament, is an important
part of your journey.
– Ram Dass