Amanda Cao

Facilitator & Physiotherapist

Hey there, I’m Amanda! I’ve been a musculoskeletal physiotherapist for 7 years and have vast experience treating all areas of the body. I’ve also treated a huge range of demographics, from elite athletes and performing artists to elite office workers.

I’ve done further study on thoracic spine/rib treatment, holistic body care (e.g. how your foot pain can influence your neck etc), pre/post natal and pelvic floor care for both anatomical men & women. However I love treating anything and everything.

I loved studying throughout school/university and I’m excited about constantly extending my clinical skills and keeping up to date with new evidence. I’m a lifelong learner and proud nerd – it’s served me well in life and will benefit you too!

Know that I’ll care deeply about what matters to you. Although I pride myself on skills of diagnosis and injury management, I’m a strong believer that you’re the true expert in your body. Therefore when we work together, that’s when we can help you to your full potential.

One thing’s for sure – you’ll feel listened to and looked after.

Outside of physiotherapy you’ll likely find me swimming in the ocean, upside down handstanding, volunteering as a firefighter in the CFS or chasing around my tiny human Ethan.

Always happy to support and can’t wait to meet you.

Amanda Cao

“Water teaches four important lessons: 
1. What you see is often your projection.
2. What is soft can also be powerful.
3. Persistence can break barriers.
4. Change is always happening.
– Yung Pueblo