Amanda Cao

Facilitator & Physiotherapist

As a former martial artist and big fan of being upside down, Amanda appreciates the power of mindful movement for the body, mind and soul. She fell in love with yoga as soon as she started practicing at the age of 14. Through the self-inquiry and exploration that yoga encourages, yoga for Amanda transformed from simple physical exercise to breaking down barriers, not holding back and living a life of focus, loving-kindness and freedom.


Amanda is a physiotherapist with a love of biomechanics, neuroscience and helping others to their potential. Combining this with her love of yoga by becoming a yoga teacher seemed like the most natural and wonderful step! Amanda has a specialty in yoga anatomy and loves to geek out over the physiology of asana. Her classes are strong and intelligent; yet also reflect her playful personality.

Amanda Cao

“Water teaches four important lessons: 
1. What you see is often your projection.
2. What is soft can also be powerful.
3. Persistence can break barriers.
4. Change is always happening.
– Yung Pueblo