Belinda Lee

Facilitator and Physiotherapist

Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Specializes in: neck and back pain, running injuries, dry needling, Pilates, strength training.

My interest in exercise and the human body first drew me into the world of physiotherapy,
but it’s the connection to the human being that has kept me passionate and motivated to thrive in this industry. As a surfer, runner and all-round dabbler in activities (bike riding, swimming, skateboarding- you name it!) I have a good understanding of how the body moves, and have also worked through a few injuries myself! Our bodies are incredible entities that move, heal and adapt to the demands of our ever changing lives, and although we are all unique with different physical, mental and environmental demands, it is these three constructs to which I base my physiotherapy management on.

My experience in rehabilitation at the hospital, aged care and private practice has given me insight to a variety of different stages of mobility and backgrounds. Whether we are working towards a marathon, or taking the first few steps after surgery, it is my aim to guide, empower and help you enjoy the magic of movement.

You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of your body, to heal your body through knowledge and movement and to explore ways to adapt and progress toward your goals, far beyond the immediate issue or injury.

Belinda Lee

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