Monarto Trail Running

Join the Adventure Seekers Club for our next outdoor event.


Fall into step with the wilderness

What is at the heart of adventure? It’s getting off-road. Connecting with the environment. Questioning our limiting beliefs. Discovering the new.


Join us for our next Adventure Seekers Club event: trail running around Monarto Safari Parks. Get close to the wild, challenge your known capacity, and find rhythm in the track’s natural undulations. 


Pace, length and adventure is completely up to you. 


The universal cut-off pace is 5km/hr. The whole adventure feels more achievable when you realise that’s about the speed you’d hit strolling along the beach, hey? 



50km 4-person relay


The unique format of this event makes it particularly fun and team-oriented. We’d love to connect as many good humans together for a group adventure. 


The relay starts with a collective 10km loop of the Safari Park. Run and chat together or go solo at your own pace. Then you’ll each embark on successive individual legs of ~10km, and finish with a 3km stretch side by side. 


No need to organise a team yourself. Just throw your hat in the ring and we’ll do the matchmaking.


10km individual


Slightly shorter than the City to Bay, considerably more beautiful. Spend time alone and learn to find tranquillity in the test. Chat to physio Sam about a training programme to ready your body and mind.


24km and 50km individual trails are also available for those looking to up the ante. 


There will be group training sessions available in the lead up and support. You could even just come along to some training and try.


Connect with Sam at the City Studio, via email, or DM him on Instagram @samlutze_adventurephysio.


For more information on the course and event itself, visit Murraylands Multisports Events.

Date & Time
Sun 13 August

Starts at 7:30am


Monarto Sports Park

$35 – $50

All welcome

Sam Lutze physio

About Sam 

Sam’s movement journey as a teenager was defined by focus, commitment, competitiveness and ruthless perfectionism as a long-distance runner. It wasn’t until his early 20’s when he quit Uni, threw in the athletics towel and decided to chase the snow between Victoria and Japan that he discovered the freedom and fulfilment of moving in harmony with the natural world.


After 3 and a half years he was called to return to Adelaide to complete his physio studies. He then travelled to India to immerse himself in yoga teacher training. Outside of the clinic and studio, Sam enjoys trail running, mountain biking and spending quality time out in nature with his beautiful partner Shannen and their flourishing baby Maya.