Alex Lewinski

Mental Health Occupational Therapist


I am a Mental Health Occupational Therapist, who specialises in providing a combination of psychotherapeutic, counselling and occupation-based interventions to meet a client’s mental health and wellness needs. The word ‘occupation’ refers to the meaningful and purposeful activities that individuals engage in daily, that make up the foundation of their lives.


As a mental health OT, I collaborate with clients at the level of body, mind, and spirit, to assess and address the barriers to full and meaningful participation in life. I offer cognitive, behavioural, and mindfulness-based psychotherapies, as well as self-care, daily living and social skills training often via activity-oriented intervention. I weave sensory integration theory and neuroscience into my approaches as this is an area of interest.  


As an OT of over 10 years, I have an array of experience working in rural and metropolitan settings, across government and non-for-profit sectors, private practice and within the education system. My passion has been supporting children, adolescents, young adults, and their families with complex mental health needs. I am also a registered Yoga Therapist and enjoy integrating some of these teachings into my practice.


My style is trauma informed, creative, compassionate and I bring a strong understanding of human development and attachment theory to my assessment, formulation, and intervention processes.    


On the side I am a professional musician and singer. I adore yoga both as a practitioner and teacher, and thrive off community, friendships, family, and adventure.

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