Big Love

A meditation course for the heart.

Do hearts break? Can they actually open? 

Being human is full of complex and beautiful feelings. And the way we navigate them shapes our experience of the world. Join Tessa Leon for 4 weeks exploring love and loss, compassion and joy, and how to hold them all.

Mettā meditation is the core of Buddhist heart-training practices. It involves cultivating the four brahmavihārās, or the ‘immeasurables’, which are loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. By understanding the psychology and physiology of these emotional experiences, we can investigate how they influence our thoughts and behaviours, and how we can develop them. We can learn what’s blocking self-love. What our painful emotions might offer. How to transform envy into vicarious joy. And transform overwhelm by reminding ourselves that we’re not alone.

Informed by in-depth scholarship as well as embodied practice, we’ll explore traditional concepts alongside contemporary research. Each session runs for 90mins and will include mindfulness and grounding techniques throughout. This course will be trauma-informed, and participant numbers limited for an intimate group. 

Sessions will involve:

  • Guided group meditation practices
  • Self inquiry, reflection, and contemplations
  • The neurophysiology of emotions
  • Practical tools to use in everyday life
  • Group discussion and questions
This course also includes:
– Access to online guided meditations to use at home.
– Journalling questions to work through each week.
– Learn to create personalised practices for your own life and needs.
– Build 4 tailor-made meditations to keep using beyond the course.

Dates & Time
7 – 28 August (4 weeks)

Wednesdays 6:15 – 7:45pm


City Studio | Kaurna Land

Level 1, 60 Halifax St, Adelaide


(members 10% discount)

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About Tessa Leon

My work aims to spark wonder, reconstruct meaning, and find fluency in our shared humanity.



Over the past 2 decades, I’ve had the privilege of guiding thousands of people through the complexities of human experience, and shaping their presence in the world. 



Today I am immersed in teaching meditation and mindfulness, guiding yoga and movement, nurturing the H.K community, hosting crucial conversations, and researching contemplative sciences as a Master of Psychotherapy candidate at Adelaide Uni.


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