Clinical Psychology

What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology is like having a personal trainer for your mind, helping you create habits to improve your mental fitness and resilience. They can coach you in strategies to improve your thinking, actions, physical symptoms and emotional wellbeing. They are trained in therapies that are backed by research trials. Like a fitness program, the therapy will be more effective if you are putting in regular practice between sessions.


A clinical psychologist is a psychologist who is an expert in mental health, as compared with other specialties such as sports, organisational or educational psychologists. Clinical psychologists have undertaken highly specialised APAC-accredited training in the assessment, diagnosis, formulation, research and psychological treatment of mental health, behavioural, and emotional disorders across the lifespan. The education and training of clinical psychologists takes eight years.

What can I expect?

When you meet a clinical psychologist they will want to hear about your strengths, struggles and goals for your life. They will want to hear your story (you can also fill in a form so you can save time in session) and will ask you clarifying questions. They will be try to understand the nature of your problems as they might relate to diagnosis, as this will help guide what treatments are suitable, as backed by extensive research in relation to that particular issue. They will try to understand how the problem developed and what is keeping the problem going.


Once they have an understanding they will share their ideas with you to check their clinical theory, get further input from you, provide education around this issue, and discuss available treatment options. This process can help with understanding, normalising and validating your “problems”, which can be a huge relief. From there a therapy can be explained and commenced.


Usually 50 minute therapy sessions occur weekly to fortnightly to begin with, then space out as you become more confident and just want check-ups.

A psychologist is there to help answer questions, provide education and help you feel seen and heard. You should always feel like you are a team, you can talk to them about your concerns and provide feedback on your therapy. 


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Booking Information

Sessions are 50mins. 

Bookings can be made on 82312983 or online.


Private health rebates may apply. Please check with your fund. 

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Rene Martin-Harris

Rene Martin-Harris

Master of Psychology (Clinical)

I have been a practising psychology since 2012 and pride myself on developing a meaningful, productive and fun relationship with clients. Therapy need not be heavy, particularly if we feel like a team, and I can help carry the load.