Flight School

Shift your perspective.

Balancing on hands

Flight School

The first time you balance a handstand, it feels a lot like falling, just in very slow motion.

Learning new things is like this. It requires failing, willingly, many times over.

We often avoid things we think we ‘can’t’ do. But the truth is, the hardest things are often the most valuable. They teach us a growth mindset; that it’s ok to try hard things, and fail, and get back up. This is what learning looks like.

Flight School is a 4 week course with Adam Whiting, to help you get upside down.

Open to handstand dreamers or inversion junkies alike. You’ll learn skills and techniques, ask questions, and get comfy playing on your hands.

It might get hard. It might get hilarious. Whether you end up in a stable handstand or not, you will definitely shift your perspective both physically, and psychologically.

Date & Time

Sundays | 4 weeks

12 March – 2 April

10:30am – 12pm


Adelaide City Studio

Level 1, 60 Halifax St

Kaurna Land



(members 10% discount)

Adam Whiting laughter

About Adam 

One of the first things that people recognise of Adam Whiting (eRYT-500, YACEP, 1 Giant Mind Certified Meditation Teacher) is his laugh. Students say that they can hear it rolling down the street as they approach the studio to practice one of his classes. His smile is generous and immediate and his passion for yoga is contagious.


Adam leads classes, workshops and trainings that are full of anatomical precision, intelligent sequencing, and potent philosophy. He has practiced and trained in various styles of yoga, including Tantra, Ashtanga, Anusara and Vinyasa. His musical training is integrated throughout his teachings in spirited kirtans and soft serenades in savasana.