Your physical and mental health are important. We’re here to help.

Our team has supported over 12,000 bodies to find their best health. At our City Studio you can access Physiotherapy, Clinical Psychology, and Remedial Massage. 

Strong Arm


From laptop headaches to elite athlete management, come and meet our physiotherapy team and find out how we can support your journey to optimal health. 



How do we approach the art of physiotherapy?

  • We keep you active throughout your rehab stages.
  • You’ll leave with a clear plan for the next steps on the road to great health.
  • We are expert educators and adapt to the way you learn best; using your type of language, images, metaphor, visual feedback and technology to educate. 
  • Our team are skilled and experienced across a wide range of evidence-based treatment options (including dry needling)
  • We love to move too! We want to hear about your goals and inspirations so we understand what really drives you.

Previously operating under the name Active Bodies Physiotherapy for more 15 years, we are now officially part of the HUMAN.KIND therapy team. We look forward to helping get the most out of life.

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologists support people to navigate through challenges by providing frameworks for understanding, helping people find their own clarity on difficult experiences, and even developing new personal care skills and routines.



The therapy environment need not be heavy. With productive, meaningful and fun relationships we can be part of your team to help carry the load.



Rene Martin-Harris, our Clinical Psychologist, practices from cognitive, behavioural, mindfulness and acceptance frameworks, tailoring the approach to your needs and preferences. You can see her for support with symptoms of anxiety, depression, eating disorders or anything else that feels to have a psychological basis.  


Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is the perfect option for general muscular aches and fatigue from known sources like computer based work or gym/sport training. The targeted hands-on therapy will help flush blood and lymphatic systems to promote recovery.


For those that need massage for stress relief, the techniques slow down and become more gentle so that you can down-regulate your nervous system and move to a state of calm. Joel Hatcher is our Remedial Massage Therapist and his qualifications allow you to claim rebates on massage through most private health funds.




Phone 8231 2983, book in-studio, or use our online booking service 24/7


Our team continues to exercise the highest level of hygiene and we request the same of you. If you are at risk of recent covid exposure, feeling unwell or simply for convenience would prefer an online consultation, please let our team know as you make your booking. 


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Our HEAL team

Amanda Cao

B. Physio, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training
Former judo player & current ocean swimmer, fascinated with how the body and the mind work together. Specialises in the thoracic spine, ribs, neck, shoulders & women’s health.

Ciara Foley

B. Physiotherapy
Ex gymnast, current foodie and pilates instructor. Loves working with people from all backgrounds to help find a pathway to better health.

Sam Lutze
B. Physio, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Trail runner, mountain biker and nature lover. A special interest in sports, neck and back pain, and stress/mental health. You can expect an evidence-based physio approach with a sprinkle of yogic wisdom. 

Triton Tunis-Mitchell

B. Physio, 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Training
Physio for 15+ years, yoga studio owner and former acrobat, specializes in optimising movement patterns for better health and performance.

Rene Martin-Harris
Master of Psychology (Clinical)

I have been a practising psychology since 2012 and pride myself on developing a meaningful, productive and fun relationship with clients. Therapy need not be heavy, particularly if we feel like a team, and I can help carry the load.

Joel Hatcher

Dip Remedial Massage, 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Adventurer at heart, oceans and mountain tops. Now happy to be supporting others in their health journey with whole body care and massage.