With decades of combined experience and training, and with a passion for the latest science and research, our team of physiotherapists are here to get you to your peak — it’s that simple.

Physiotherapy for yoga injuries

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are experts in movement. Our university training puts us deep in the world of anatomy, biomechanics, neuroscience, pain science, and sports science. And all of this science points to quality movement being the best medicine. 


Sometimes we work on the small scale, using exact techniques to mobilise muscles, joints or other tissues. But often we work at the full body level, teaching people how to hold themselves better, move better… and ultimately feel better in their bodies. 


About our style of physiotherapy

From laptop headaches to elite athlete management, our physiotherapy team are experts at supporting your journey to better health. 

How do we approach the art of physiotherapy?

  • We keep you active throughout your rehab stages.
  • You’ll leave with a clear plan for the next steps on the road to great health.
  • We are expert educators and adapt to the way you learn best; using your type of language, images, metaphor, visual feedback and technology to educate. 
  • Our team are skilled and experienced across a wide range of evidence-based treatment options (including dry needling)
  • We love to move too! We want to hear about your goals and inspirations so we understand what really drives you.

Previously operating under the name Active Bodies Physiotherapy for more 15 years, we are now officially part of the HUMAN.KIND therapy team. 

When should I see a physio?

There are two main reasons people come to see physios.


The first is when you are feeling sore, stiff, uncomfortable or unusual in your body.  It could be from a specific injury but it can also happen as things build up over time. 


The second reason is that you have a goal in mind. Maybe your a yogi who wants to learn more technique to progress. Or an athlete who wants a training program of mobility or strength towards a certain goal. Or maybe there’s a trail run that you’ve always wanted to do but don’t know how to build up to it. Whatever your goal, we’d love to help you.


What can I expect?

Through education, movement and hands-on treatment we aim to resolve not just the symptoms but get to the foundations of your physical health. 


To do that you can expect us to ask lots of questions as we try to get to know how you use your body day to day. As well as relevant injuries, sports or clues from your past. 


The process of discovery can be really enjoyable and rewarding as we start to gain insight both into the past but also into the way forwards. We’ll offer heaps of education, expect you to ask us lots of questions as we build up a treatment plan. 


To influence your health, we need to make adjustments. After all, if nothing changes, then nothing changes! We might influence your bodies healing capacities through massage, joint manipulation, stretching, strengthening, dry needling, taping or a whole range of other safe techniques. At the same time you’ll likely hear us explaining how to keep the body in a continuous state of healing throughout your day and over your lifetime. We’ll We’ll teach you not just the “how” of good health but also the “why” that will keep you engaged, even excited to go further in your health journey. 



Level 1, 60 Halifax Street, Adelaide, South Australia

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How to make a booking

Phone 8231 2983, book in-studio, or use our online booking service 24/7


We can help you select the right therapist


Tele-health available. Just ask us. 

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Our PHYSIO team

Sam Lutze
B. Physio, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Trail runner, mountain biker and nature lover. A special interest in sports, neck and back pain, and stress/mental health. You can expect an evidence-based physio approach with a sprinkle of yogic wisdom. 

Jamie Wetherell

B. Physio, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training
Specialises in pain science, meditates daily, and loves treating necks, lower backs and wrists. Former grade cricketer and current surfer and has had seven broken bones.

Amanda Cao 

B. Physio, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training
Former judo player and current volunteer firefighter, ocean swimmer, handstand explorer and mother. Passionate about pelvic floor, pre/post natal, complex and chronic pain care. Also loves treating necks, thoracic spine/ribs and shoulders.

Ciara Foley

B. Physiotherapy, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training
Ex gymnast, current foodie and budding yogi. Loves working with people from all backgrounds to help find a pathway to better health.

Triton  Tunis-Mitchell

B. Physio, 500 Hr Yoga Teacher Training
Physio for 15+ years, yoga studio owner and ex-professional acrobat, specializes in optimising movement patterns for better health and performance.