Intelligent Living

This is a call to come together as a community and positively shape this world we share. Together we can direct the internal vitality, strength and compassion that we have cultivated in our personal practice towards a whole-life spiritual practice.

This is Intelligent Living. And we invite you to join us!

Intelligent Living

Every two months we will shine a light on a new social or environmental issue, and together lean into causes that we feel deeply passionate about supporting.  


Intelligent Living education events run on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month. You can be a regular, or just join for the topics you are most interested in. This series is FREE for everyone in our extended community, friends and family are welcome to attend and participate. 


All events are held at our city studio unless otherwise noted.


Coming up in November we get ready to tap into the power of democracy by learning from local politicians on how our political engagement matters.


People Power

Get ready to tap into the power of your democracy.


With both federal and state elections around the corner, it’s imperative that we all actively engage with Australian politics and democracy. If you care about social and environmental issues, it’s crucial that you use your vote and join the people power movement to stand up for what you believe in.


Ever feel uncertain about how to cast your vote? Do you feel represented by your government? Want to learn how to play your part in grassroots campaigning? Do you have political ambitions of your own?


Join us to learn more about political process, intersectionality in politics, compulsory voting and get pumped about the power and privilege of your vote.

Intelligent Living Guest Speaker

About Peta Anne-Louth

Peta-Anne Louth is the current Greens Candidate for West Torrens in the 2022 State election. A self-described long-term geek of politics, she has finally thrown her hat in the ring, as like most of us, is tired of the current state of politics and its failed leadership model. 


Peta-Anne is a strong advocate of an equitable and intersectional society and believes that everyone deserves to be a part of a democracy and contributing. She is also a very big fan of the democracy sausage – although it’s a vegetarian one these days!




Peta-Anne Louth


Join us for this instalment of Intelligent Living as we rock the people power of democracy! Have you ever considered your vote a waste or something that doesn’t really count? Do you feel mis-represented by your representatives? Learn from long-standing Power Living member Peta-Anne Louth about political process, feminism and intersectionality in politics, and how you can get more involved in your own democracy.




BIG DEAL is a wake-up call about the frightening extent to which money has infiltrated politics. Christiaan Van Vuuren’s unlikely journey shows us why we should care, and how we might work together to ensure our democracy is safeguarded from being sold to the highest bidder



In this special workshop style community gathering, we’ll learn from facilitators who work in the political advisory space about hosting effective Kitchen Table conversations. This is an excellent way to learn how to have potent discussions that will motivate and inspire others to get engaged in democracy.


Hosting a Kitchen Table conversation is a great way to get people together to connect, have fun and take action together to save our planet. Something special happens when people get together for a kitchen table conversation – people feel enthusiastic, motivated, and as if they at the centre of change— because they are. In this workshop you’ll learn how to host an engaging Kitchen Table that puts power back in the hands of the people through collective action and participation in our democracy.


How Intelligent Living Works

Intelligent Living education events run on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month. There will be four events on each topic, to help us learn and process ideas in different ways. These events are…

The Expert Educators

We’ll bring some of the best educators into our studio to help frame the topic, expand your thinking, grow your skills and feel confident to dive into the conversation.

It’s a great chance to connect with a like-minded community who want to learn, support and make a positive difference to the world around us.

Discover meaningful steps and interventions that you can take to enact change both individually and as a community.

The Movie Night

We’ll bring the popcorn and cushions, let’s have an old fashioned movie night!

There are so many good movies and documentaries around that can help us to see, experience and learn in a way that might speak to us more powerfully.

Our home is your home, so feel free to bring your pj’s and favourite beanbag.

The Ink & Ideas Book Club

Team members from Human.Kind will host a book club of sorts. It’s a chance for you to dive a little deeper on a topic, hear what ideas jumped off the pages for other people, and leave a little wiser for it.

Of course to participate deeply you’ll want to read the book first (we’ll have some copies available in our bookstore). We’ll have some highlights and questions to ask the group, feel free to prepare the same.

The Community Conversation

After two months of active learning on climate change we open the floor for reflection, discussion, emotion and action.

This will be a gently guided conversation by the Human.Kind team. You are encouraged to participate respectfully at any level that feels appropriate. Expect some moments of confusion, moments of enlightenment, moments of laughter… it’s a free flowing conversation after-all.


This series has been significantly inspired by the program of Shift Australia and makes use of their high quality education resources.


Shift run 28 day courses in activism. We’d encourage those that want to learn skills and connect with a like-minded community to take advantage of these free courses and resources. Click here for the link to their next round of courses.

Our unique series has been designed with feedback from our Human.Kind community, particularly those at the Ocean Love talk in Feb 2020.


We don’t promote any particular world view other than that of seeking broad education, being humble enough to recognise that we all have our blindspots, and to be guided by compassion in all actions.