Role now filled:

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Digital Marketing

ROLE NOW FILLED- Digital Marketing Coordinator 

Digital Marketing Coordinator


We’re looking for someone who’s fully on board with our mission to create healthy people for a healthy planet. At the heart of what we do is helping people navigate the complexity of our shared humanity. You’ll be supporting our shared goal to create an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet.


As part of this mission we recognise that connected communities are more resilient communities. So we’re seeking someone to join our team and help us create, strengthen, and deepen these connections in the digital space.


This new role in our business is about leading the digital storytelling, communication and growth of our brand. There will be elements of growth marketing but our focus is primarily within our existing vibrant community. Our aim is to create a depth and longevity of relationships that allows people to support, share and thrive together.


Our Digital Communications Coordinator will lead this important work in the digital space, as an extension of the in-person relationships built up over 6 years of care. The key elements of this role are:


  • work to create educational and storytelling content that celebrates our people and values,
  • be the voice of our studio in social spaces,
  • communicate and support sell-through of events and courses
  • create opportunities for community members to connect to each other,
  • deliver on public facing marketing, PR and campaigns to support member growth and brand opportunities,
  • and manage the brand day-to-day across our digital infrastructure. 

Our digital platforms include MailChimp, WordPress, Google Search, MindBody, Instagram / Facebook, Trello, Loyalsnap, and Mighty Networks. A proficiency and ease with digital platforms will be a necessity for our Digital Communications Coordinator to complement the content creation.


You will be supported by a team of kind and caring humans in a positive, flexible and healthy working environment. You you will have direct and regular support of the Creative and Managing Directors for strategy. And access to contracted graphic designer, photographers and videographers for larger content pieces.



Key Details:

  • Commencing early Jan 2023

  • Permanent Part Time (0.5FTE neg.)

  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE1.0) Salary $70 – $80K pro rata (scales on experience) 

  • Working from Human.Kind City Studio and some hours from home if desired

  • 3+ years of experience in digital or growth marketing

  • Proven experience in lifestyle brands, for purpose or community driven business


If you don’t fit all of these criteria, please apply regardless. Maybe you can bring something else that is special to the role.




Please email and

  1. Tell us why you’d love to work with us

  2. Tell us why we’d love to work with you

  3. Share your experience and CV 


Thanks! We’re excited to welcome you into our team.