Juanita Hanna

Yoga Facilitator

Yoga has gently weaved its way through Juanita’s life. 


Reflecting, Juanita can see a strong thread where she was able to maintain a consistent and regular practice, correlating to being at her healthiest and strongest, and supporting her in the more challenging times. 


Initially, taking restorative classes whilst pregnant she later found enjoyment in Yoga to maintain physical fitness whilst mothering two young boys and managing a busy health practice. 


It was during a period of living in Ubud, Bali where her practice was transformed, cultivating a daily practice, whist Ben, their son attended the Green School. 


Joining the Human.Kind community when the doors opened in 2016 cemented the continuation of her journey. With huge support of teachers and family she completed teacher training in 2018. Following this she successfully completed Yin, MFR and Trauma Sensitive Mindful Movement training and is currently taking further studies with Tiffany Cruikshank, Yoga Medicine ®.


Continually inspired by her teachers and the people she meets in every day life Juanita is truly grateful for all that Yoga has provided.  Her hubby, Russ is too. 🙂


With a keen interest in anatomy, deeply appreciating that movement of the body is an integral component of your wellbeing, expect a focus on balance, mobility and strength whilst being guided in a safe and supportive way during her classes.


Juanita enjoys hiking, swimming and discovering secret gems off the beaten track or you’ll find her on the side of a mountain as support crew for her Ultra Trail running family. 


Juanita Hanna

“Look after your body. It is the only place you have to live” – Jim Rohn

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