Kylie Denman (she/her)



I don’t remember the beginning. It’s all a bit blurry until the first teacher that really

moved me. A colleague, after closing we would push clothing racks off to the side

and practice on a cold, concrete floor. No frills, just movement and full breath. I

intrinsically knew this was yoga.


When the time came for that chapter to close, I began the search for the next

opportunity to “drop in”. That search was 10 years, and many breaks from practice



I was convinced to try Human.Kind by a friend in 2021, where I landed. I drew

inspiration from their commitment to ancient foundations of asana, the Kaurna lands

we practice on and the community they serve. I felt called to offer vinyasa in my own

genuine (sometimes clumsy) way. I finished my 200hr TT with Human.Kind in 2022

and can’t see a life where I don’t teach.


My connection to asana isn’t rooted in athleticism. My motivation to move is

underpinned by a desperation for stillness in my mind. In my experience, full

presence is the key to freedom. Yoga is the key cutting machine that I’m learning to

operate with grit and grace. Come learn with me.

Kylie Denman

““We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used creating

them”– Albert Einstein

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