Living the Dharma: The Buddha's Wisdom for an Ethical Life

Living an ethical life is a path to joy and personal freedom.

Living the Dharma: The Buddha’s Wisdom for an Ethical Life

After the Buddha saw into the nature of suffering and found his enlightenment, he went on to teach for over 40 years, creating the most systematic and well-documented dharma’s (teachings) of all of the ancient sages. There is untold wisdom ingrained in these teachings, and, when understood correctly, they offer us a clear path for living a wise and ethical life.


Join Kate Duncan, lifelong student of the Yoga and Buddha Dharma, on this 6-week course to delve into the core teachings of the Buddha. You will learn the fundamentals of what the Buddha meant for us to understand about the world (and ourselves). As we weave each teaching together we will see that living an ethical life, with kindness and compassion toward all beings, the earth included, is a path to joy and personal freedom.


Living the Dharma will require a two hour commitment every Sunday night, either in-studio or on livestream, plus your best intention to cultivate mindfulness in your daily life through formal and informal home practice.


What you’ll learn

  • Introduction & History
  • The Dhammacakkappavattana: Buddha’s First Teaching
  • Wisdom of the Eightfold Path
  • Ethics of the Eightfold Path
  • Mental Discipline of the Eightfold Path
  • The Nature of Phenomena


As part of this course, you will have access to an online platform via Teachable, where you can download a comprehensive course manual, rewatch the guided meditations from our live sessions, and find other resources.

Date & Time

20 Feb – 27 Mar 2022




City Studio or Livestream



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About Kate Duncan

Kate is an RYT-500hr Yogi, Insight Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Transformational Retreat Facilitator, and a lifelong student of the Yoga and Buddha Dhamma. She has been a practitioner of Buddhist meditation for more than 13 years, and has sat and facilitated over 30 silent meditation retreats in the Insight (Vipassana) tradition of up to 30 days in length. Kate is currently in a 5 year program to become a Senior Insight Meditation Teacher in Australia.