Nicola Burdette



Since discovering yoga, I have experienced an incredible expansion of my mind, body, and spirit. I have developed a deep respect for the human body and the power it holds to heal itself when given the right support. Yoga has been there for me whenever I need it. It is the constant throughout the ebbs and flows of life that grounds me and brings me back into my body. An offering to slow down and breathe in the midst of a fast-paced society.


I study Naturopathy as I love learning about the body’s innate healing mechanisms and how they can be harnessed through natural medicine, diet and lifestyle to maintain optimal health. Similarly, my understanding of the mind-body connection deepens through yoga as I flow through movement, breath, and meditation. Beyond this, yoga has taught me the power and importance of meaningful connection with myself and others. I believe one of the biggest differences we can make in this world is to express love, compassion, kindness and empathy to all beings. Like Naturopathy, yoga continues to offer infinite wisdom about the mind, body & soul, and with each practice, I learn something new. 

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