Sam Lutze



Sam’s relationship with movement as a young person was defined by focus, commitment & competitiveness as a long & middle-distance runner. It wasn’t until his early 20’s when on a gap year (or 3) chasing the snow between Victoria and Japan that he discovered the freedom and fulfilment of moving in harmony with the natural world. On completion of his degree he then travelled to India to immerse himself in yoga teacher training and has been on a journey of deeper and deeper self-knowing since.


In recent years, Sam has amalgamated these mindsets through the world of Adventure Racing – trekking, mountain biking & kayaking through bush, wilderness & whitewater (often multiple days at a time) using only a map & compass.


In Feb 2021 Sam and partner Shannen became parents to their beautiful daughter Maya.

Sam is a devoted father and partner and is driven by seeing Maya & Shannen thrive.


Outside of the clinic and studio, Sam enjoys spending quality time out in nature – trail running, bushwalking, mountain biking, kayaking and showing Maya how to (safely) jump out of trees!


As a certified running coach, Sam has a keen interest in working with sports and movement enthusiasts of all kinds – especially with foot & ankle issues and through his yoga training & parenting journey loves to support in pregnancy and postpartum. He is also trained in dry needling & loves a good neck or back release.


You can expect an evidence-based physio approach with deep devotion to making big movement goals achievable and a sprinkle of yogic wisdom.

Sam Lutze physio