The Art & Science Of Breath

Connect deeply to the power of breath to transform your mood, energy and prana.


Pranayama Workshop

Life is breath. This vital and intimate activity tethers us to the atmosphere, the cosmos, and all existence.


It connects us directly to our own inner experience. And it has profound effects on our physical, mental and emotional states.


But how much do you really know about your breath?


In this 2.5 hour workshop, Becca Gross will guide you through the art and science of breathing.


You’ll explore:

  • Traditional pranayama (breath work) techniques
  • What science teaches us about the effect of breath on your body/mind
  • How to use breath to lift your energy or calm your nervous system
  • Journaling and conversation about your experience


Connect deeply to the power of breath to transform your mood, energy and prana.

Date & Time
Sat 15 July

11am – 1:30pm


City Studio | Kaurna Land

Level 1/60 Halifax Street, Adelaide, South Australia


(members 10% discount)

Becca Gross

About Becca 

Becca started flirting with her yoga practice about 10 years ago in Portland, Oregon. Initially drawn to the appeal of a sweaty, intense practice, what eventually guided Becca back to her mat was the need to make some personal changes in 2018. The philosophy of yoga and the access to a transformative practice at Human.Kind immediately drew her in. A dedicated student since that time, she completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2019 with Power Living.


Becca is an avid learner and enjoys building knowledge to compliment her love of asana and embodied living. Sharing this love and passion for movement and community is a practice that sparks immense joy. Off the mat, you might catch her riding bikes, hiking, walking on the beach and enjoying time in nature.