Living Yoga

Embrace your Human.Body

Belong to a Human.Collective

Start a Human.Movement

This is Human.Kind

Tessa Leon and Triton Tunis-Mitchell

Living Yoga


Yoga is a living, breathing ecosystem. Like you. Like this community. Together, you’re invited to take your yoga practice beyond the poses.


Living Yoga is a 4 week project of connection, healing, learning, and growth. Led by Human.Kind founders Triton and Tessa, supported by studio leaders Ben and Becca.


In this course we’re going to show you what lies at the very heart of Human.Kind. Learn the yogic practices, theories and experiences that make us who we are and propel us forwards with hope. And importantly, we’re going to share how you can start your own personal revolution.


Our capacity for being positive change-makers starts with the tools of self-awareness and personal health. Then, with compassion and creative insight, we widen our moral circles to pursue skilful action in our interpersonal relationships. Each week we’ll explore themes of integrity, interconnection and purpose. You’ll expand your sense of agency and discover how you can live with yogic principles in the world.


Each week includes:


-Educational talks to shift the way you see yourself in the world.

-Space for self-enquiry to spark insight.

-Group discussion, sharing and support.

-Guided meditations.

-Weekly actions and experiments to take into your life.


Date & Time
16 Oct – 6 Nov

Sun 6pm – 8pm


City Studio

Level 1, 60 Halifax Street,

Kaurna Land. Adelaide.


(members get 10% off)

Tessa and Triton

About Tessa and Triton

I believe spiritual activism is the connection to both wisdom and compassion. My work aims to spark beauty, reconstruct meaning, and help find fluency in our shared humanity. Over the past decades, I have had the privilege of guiding thousands of people across the globe to consciously shape their presence in the world. Read More About Tessa

For more than 35 years I’ve been deeply involved in movement arts, communities and health. The Human.Kind studios and community has been a culmination of everything that I care about. Read More About Triton

Becca and Ben

About Becca and Ben

Becca is an avid learner and enjoys building knowledge to compliment her love of asana and embodied living. Sharing this love and passion for movement and community is a practice that sparks immense joy. Read More About Becca


I hope to practice and teach from a place of listening first- trying to be more responsive and explorative, and less from a place of ego or certainty. We all move through our yoga practice differently, looking for varied meanings and insights, so all I can hope to do is encourage your self-inquiry and practice in a safe and supportive way. Read More About Ben